Direct Jobs Canada

Candidates Testing

This exclusive feature will allow you to tailor your own multiple choice tests regardless of your activity domain. This is an easy and extremely efficient way to screen for potential candidates possessing the skills and expertise you need. Using leading edge technology, Direct Jobs will give you full control over this feature allowing you to:
  • set a time limit for the test
  • decide upon the number of questions
  • display the questions randomly or based on their complexity
  • assign points to each question according to its complexity (by default, Direct Jobs awards 1 point to each question)
  • display the multiple choices answers in a random order to look as if the test would be different each time is taken (a candidate can only take a test once unless he/she has registered simultaneously with different user names)
  • create an unlimited number of tests that can be associated with one, two ore more positions (the test will remain valid even after the position associated with it becomes obsolete)
  • store the tests created in our database for as long as you have an active account with Direct Jobs
  • delete, edit or add tests as needed
The outcome of these tests will then be tabulated for your convenience in the candidates screening/rating page.